Mindfulness. Live the present moment

An invitation to pay attention, to be in the present moment, with open mind, with understanding, curiosity and determination to be what “is” and not lost in thoughts or emotions and the stress they generate

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness  is a way of life that replaces the program unconsciousness and autopilot in which we live normally. It is a way of life that allows us to focus the mind on the present, and this fact, live the present moment, causes a transformation and a marked improvement in our quality of life
Live the present moment is something I rarely do. Most of the time, our minds tend to be in the past, in the future or trapped in thought patterns and emotional repetitive.
This does not mean of course not we plan or remember. What it means is that we begin to stop walking lost in memories or anticipations not do us any good
We can learn to be aware of how we operate, how we feel (physically and emotionally), and how we respond or react to every moment of life. This awareness is the basis of all creative life, allowing us to be honest, pragmatic, alert, courageous, and live with a deep sense of initiative.

It is a concept that comes from the hand of Dr. Kabat Zinn, physician and founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts in 1979
This doctor applied a range of Buddhist meditation techniques with patients, checking unexpected positive results. Wanting to spread the benefits of the researched, outlined the basics of meditation, but telling it otherwise, NO content of religious and spiritual inspiration.
The ancient Buddhist practices that had encountered ideological barriers in the West, convinced by what they were: techniques focusing attention and presence. Ie useful tools not only for the health field, but also for education, business, sports, …

What are the benefits?
The main objective is that the practice of mindfulness in your life settles gradually transforming provide a space in which stop reacting with automatic under the circumstances, with our mind wandering between the past and the future and being in the here and now, accepting what is and from there drive

In that consists Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness training we do at Essencia, is an 8-week workshop during which there is a weekly meeting 1.30hy practices and guidelines to perform during the week in everyday life

Work five key points:

Mindfulness: Awareness of the actual feelings at all times also helps us learn to focus our attention on one thing at a time, and bring the mind back when dispersed
Self acceptance and kindness: approaching unpleasant / difficult, which means allowing anything we are currently finding it difficult or painful simply is, focusing with a soft, tender, friendly attitude, and without judgment.
The treasure of pleasure: Go to meet pleasant sensations. Become more receptive to the pleasant aspects of the present moment. Although there are also unpleasant aspects
Gain perspective: Expanding our consciousness to become “a larger container” It’s like changing the focus of a camera, changing the zoom, which can only focus on one aspect of experience, a wide angle lens that allows us a much broader perspective on it.
Choose: Living with choice at all times. Learn to choose to respond rather than react


Meditation Sit and perform every day. To meditate is to be fully alert and aware at all what we are and experience. is fundamentally “observe” and “witness without judgment. You begin to feel changes, but you must book these minutes do, fancy or not, be persistent

Mindfulness pills, brief practice to use as you see fit, as a kind of “lifeline” that grab at times

Mindfulness in daily life. Activities that normally do but in a somewhat special and different way, through the experience of the present moment.

Formal practice. Stop a few minutes each day and follow the guidelines we will mark for each week

This training is getting great results in boxes stress, depression, attention deficit in adults and in children and adolescents in general
It is a technique that helps transform any time in which we might be a victim of circumstances in a moment of honesty, initiative and confidence.

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