Cosmic intelligence and energy therapies

Training given by Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé and Carole Damy

 “The cosmic intelligence puts us in tune with our original essence”
(Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé)


For this, we must guide our mind towards the languages ​​of a thought that, in its origins, was spiritual. In the past, the transmission was oral, then it became written and now, in the age of the Aquarius, the transmission will be done in a vibratory way. To reconnect with our essence and the cosmic laws, we have to use our intellectual thinking so that a spiritual thought free of all dogmatism is born in us.

We arrive at this result through a teaching and a multi-level process that also allows us, if we wish, to heal others as an energy therapist.

Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé is a professor, writer and healer.
He is a man who was born and raised in contact with nature, in a family of peasants. From a young age he realized his special sensitivity and his abilities of perception and healing that he could experience on multiple occasions. He received instruction from guides and teachers of different philosophies: Buddhist, Hindu, shamanic … A journey that led him to frequent distant lands and allowed him to develop a cartography of the spiritual world and a learning process that he has been transmitting for years in France, Switzerland, Polynesia and now also in Barcelona. He has written three books “l’aube des découvertes”, “l’intelligence cosmique” and “le royaume des cieux” he has just published.

Carole Damy comes from the world of the company and has been working as a consultant and trainer for more than ten years. He has started the Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé courses in 2012 in France. By experiencing in herself the transformation that this process facilitates, she has invited Bernard to give lectures and courses in Barcelona while continuing to learn at his side. Now an energetic therapist, he transmits with Bernard the courses in Barcelona since 2015. His ambition is to help each one to develop the best part of himself and thus participate in the evolution of our society.


Courses during weekends – 3 to 4 levels per year

Level 1: Awakening of the physical body. From intellectual thought to spiritual thought.

Discover the importance of thought and the physical body – The 12 senses – The vibrations – The different worlds – Duality and unity – Holistic cartography: SPIRIT, SOUL, the ETHERIC body (or body of light) and PHYSICAL with their own languages and its sensitive modes of perception. The KARMA and the VIRTUES.

Guided exercises to develop your perceptions – Tame intellectual thinking and put it at the service of spiritual thinking – Channel yourself with cosmic thought to be guided.

It is discovered how to increase your vibrations by listening to the physical body and the body of light.

Level 2: Developing the clairvoyance of the heart: how to balance duality

The language of words: the opposites – their vibrations.
Journey of thought in the realm of nature by listening to the vibrations in the physical body.

Guided exercises using the vibration of words and the different kingdoms of nature to increase the health of the physical body.

Level 3: Awakening the light body

Level 3 contains 3 sub-levels:

 Level 3-1: trips in the different systems of the physical body – understanding the importance of the body of light, learning to listen to the body of light and to heal it.

Exercises of harmonization and healing of the body of light.

    Level 3-bis: the therapeutic tools of the body of light – “the secret and sacred place”

Exercises to cleanse, purify and above all densify the body of light.

 Level 3-ter: the world of the tattwas – the therapeutic tools and the cartography of the spirit world.

Level 4 and 4 Bis: Awakening of the body of glory

Develop the clairvoyance of the head – the spiritual identity.

Spiritual thinking towards the world of the Spirit – “The Temple of Silence” – the archetypes and divine mathematics. Find the body of glory.

Level 5

The trips with the body of glory to the levels of subtle consciousness of the spirit world: its languages ​​- “the temple of wisdom” – the archetypes – work beyond the dimensions of time – The original substance – Spiritual lives.

Level 6: Regain the spiritual body

“The temple of knowledge” that leads us to “the city of gold” – the wisdom of cosmic laws.

Organization: Carole Damy will give levels 1, 2 and 3 in Spanish. The following levels are given by Bernard Grangeteau Du Conge in French with translation by Carole Damy.

Level 1: November 11-12, 2017

Level 2: December 16-17, 2017

Level 3: February 10-11, 2018

Activity Data
Fecha Nivell 1 Fecha Nivell 2 Fecha Nivell 3: Coste fin de semana: Inscripción Inscripción Impartido
11-12 novembre 2017 16-17 diciembre 2017 10-11 febrero 2018 250€ T.. 637876100 Carole Damy dará los niveles1, 2 y 3 en castellano. Los niveles siguientes se dan por Bernard Grangeteau Du Conge en francés con traducción de Carole Damy.
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Cosmic intelligence and energy therapies

Training given by Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé and Carole Damy  “The cosmic intelligence puts