All the organs and body systems are reflected on the sole of the feet. Acupressure stimulates the corresponding points of the foot, to restore balance.


Foot reflexology is a therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet, called reflex zones. It involves the application of a manual massage that applies pressure on reflex areas of the feet to produce specific effects on other parts of the body. The general massage of foot reflexology involves a toning of different parts of the body and its organs, as well as a gentle rebalancing of energy


Produces a relaxing effect that helps eliminate stress
It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
Strengthens the immune system
Regulates the functioning of body organs
Balances and restores energy levels
It helps the elimination of toxins.
It has preventive therapy effects.
It has an analgesic effect (relieves pain)


The word Abhyanga means “massage with oil”. The use of abundant oil, which is mixed with high quality essences, makes this massage so special. It is a gentle massage, regenerating and detoxifying. Decrease muscle tensions and leads to immediate sense of well-being


It is one of the most complete massages that exist, since in addition to mobilize muscles, oxygenate them and activate circulation, touch “subtle” points where structural and energetic lines are crossed, thus being different from all other known massage therapies .



  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and enhances defenses.
  • Maintains joint lubrication and natural moisture.
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Reduces early aging
  • Exerts a soothing and anti-stress effect
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves the skin
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Eliminates fatigue and induces sleep
  • Strengthens the skin, improving the color and texture
  • Provides resistance to disharmony and diseases


How do you get close to the Holidays?
Do the Holidays only mean more work for you?
Do you get stressed just thinking you’ll have the whole family around?
Are you afraid of gaining weight or destabilizing yourself with your diet?
Do you take care of everyone but nobody thinks about you?
Are you afraid of not meeting the expectations of your family?

In this workshop you will learn to listen and to stay in your place. Then you will have the courage to say what you feel when the work exceeds you and know how to delegate.

The Holidays mean Peace and Love and I will help you to feel it like this

LIVING WITHOUT FEAR My relationship with money

What does the money mean to you?
Do you always lack?
How do you win it escapes you?
Do you think the risk taker loses?
Do you think people with lots of money are not honest?

Influences in the family environment affect us at a very young age in the way we manage our economy. There are many beliefs that block the flow of money
which is yours?

In this Workshop we will discover which are the beliefs that stop and block the flow of abundance.


Live from your best version

Enter the world of the senses to rediscover your own value.
Open the doors to a new perspective of life much more rewarding
You can always choose how you feel

Throughout the life are absorbed ideas and concepts that are accepted as normal, we are immersed in a social environment that proposes guidelines and behaviors, does it always mean something good for oneself? Do we know our true needs? How do we face fears that appear when we see some mismatch? Do we feel capable of making decisions freely?
In our workshops you will learn to overcome all these fears that limit you. We will use some effective energy psychology tools for self-treatment and we will introduce you to several exercises that will help you improve communication, manage conflicts and allow you to walk the path of well-being.

October. A satisfactory job
November. My relationship with money
December. How do you live the Holidays?
January. Fear to fail
February. Is it difficult for you to relate?
March. Communication with your children
April. The relationships of couple
May. Express what I feel
June. I accept myself as I am

We care for your wellbeing in your own language EN/FRA/GER

At ESSÈNCIA we care for your wellbeing in your own LANGUAGE

The liason between our feelings and words is our mother tounge . We offer activities and therapeutic sessions with profesionals who can understand you without your brain having to translate what your heart wants to express.
Yoga and Meditation
Psychology and Psychotherapy
Coaching and Communication
Creativity and Art Therapy
Emotional support during pregnancy, birth and upbringing
“We are all able to listen to our bodies, learn to seek our wellbeing and overpass dicult emotions or rough experiences. The process is richer and easier when walking the path hand in hand with a facilitator in a welcoming and adequate climate”
Caroline Copestake

In ESSÈNCIA kümmern wir uns um dein Wohlfühlen in deiner SPRACHE

Die Muttersprache ist die wirkliche Verbindung, die es erlabut, unsere Gefühle in Worte ausdrücken. Wir bieten Aktivit äten und therapeutische Sitzungen mit Fachleuten an, die dich verstehen, ohne dass dein
Kopf erst übersetzen muss was dein Herz ausdrücken möchte.
Yoga und Meditation
Psychologie und Psychotherapie
Coaching und Kommunikation
Kreativitt und Kunsttherapie
Schwangerschaftsbegleitung, Geburt und Stillzeit
“Mache dich frei von beengenden Verhaltensmustern oder Ängsten und nde zurück zu deinem Potenzial. “

Claudia Köster


Le lien réel qui traduit nos sentiments en mots est la langue maternelle
Nous vous offrons des activité activités et attention thérapeutique sans que vous n’ayez à traduire ce que votre coeur souhaite exprimer.
Yoga et Méditation
Psicologie et Psychothérapie
Coaching et Communication
Créativité et Arthérapie
Accompagnement prénatal, accouchement et éducation
“Prendre conscience de qui nous sommes profondément nous permet de transformer nos blocages et peurs en vitalité et liberté”

Aude Le Meur Plancke

Pregnancy and Parenting: Welcome to life

“Lots of marvels exist in the universe; but the masterpiece of creation is the motherly heart” Ernest Bersot.

What is?
Space and time support in the process of giving birth. It is a team of therapists and professionals, each contributing their qualities and experience, together in the same mission: to welcome women in this special stage of his life.

What does it consist of?
Our activities are aimed at all stages of the process, pregnancy, parenting and more …

In Essència, we love to walk at your side to accompany you creating spaces from the first moment when a new life is emerging:

Yoga yoga pregnancy and delivery post
To prepare and recover the body while we strengthen the bond with the baby.

Baby massage workshop
A massage means a moment of intimacy and connection

Sharing new motherhood
We talk about their own needs and how to strike a balance that will allow us, from a pure love, relate to our children.

The art of parenting
An area of ​​care for caregivers. Learning and sharing parenting

Enjoyed family
Various activities that serve to explore feelings and emotions in a familiar and collective space at a time.