To be aware

To be aware
Tune your mind and body

OBJECTIVE: Self-consciousness at the body and cognitive level, through conscious movement and mind-body connection.

Our consciousness is permanently within our mind. The thoughts create our day to day and forget that, as human beings, we are much more than we think.

It is time to activate our body and give it the attention it deserves. By becoming aware of the body, postures, gestures and expressions, you will be able to know yourself better and improve your well-being.

In this course we will perform individual and group activities of conscious movement that will allow you to connect body and mind to be fully aware of your entire Being.


Who I am? How am I in Essence?
OBJECTIVE: Self-knowledge of the self and the incitement to self-reflection and awareness through individual and group work.

Have you ever wondered who you are? They say that many omit the question for fear of hearing their own answer … Since we were born, we receive indications about how we should be and what we should do, eventually forgetting our true what our true essence is.

Self-knowledge is essential to living a full and meaningful life, it helps us to better understand our life and to feel comfortable with ourselves.

In this course you will develop awareness and self-reflection, you will learn to focus on yourself, to listen to you, to understand you and to be faithful to yourself.



It is a workshop aimed at all women who wish to experience personal growth from the wisdom that each of us have. It is a journey to experience and learn the resources that your cyclic nature brings you and the four menstrual phases (the Four Archetypes) in you, even if you no longer have menstruation

Within each module there will be a first theoretical part and a second experiential, through the word, body movement with music and relaxation techniques, all accompanied by resources such as the communication tools provided by NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Bach flowers and phytotherapy

DONCELLA: Preovulatory phase
Being aware of this phase will help you to create projects and know where I want to put the energy ?, What do I want to start concretely ?, what is the step that I want or need in that particular project ?.
MOTHER: ovulation phase
In this archetype you will become aware of how I take care of others and my projects? How do I maternal ?, balance the energies of the Mother and a work with the maternal wound.
CHAMANA: Premenstrual phase
In this phase to meet your body will be useful to connect with your emotions and put words. It also allows you to visualize things from another distance and value what you want to eliminate or add in your life.
ANCIANA: phase of menstruation
You will become aware of how emotions and intuition flow. Phase to visualize creative projects. Connect with the wisdom and stories of your ancestors. And to look in a loving way to loss, death or mourning.