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At ESSÈNCIA every morning is yours. Discovering the fullness of being a woman

A ESSÈNCIA cada matí és teu
En ESSÈNCIA cada mañana es tuya
At ESSÈNCIA every morning is yours
Chez ESSÈNCIA chaque matin est pour vous
In ESSÈNCIA gehört jeder Morgen dir
Vine, ven, come, vient, komm
Find your place among our proposals


Creativity Workshops
Personal image and self-esteem
Personal Development and Evolution
Management techniques to improve the family environment
Overcoming Fears
I Mindfulness Coaching
The wisdom of the body and its language
Breakfast between dreams and stars

In Essència we started this new season 2018-2019 with a space dedicated to women who appreciate care and feel good. We want to dedicate morning, this time of day that belongs to you.

Throughout this season you can choose between different and varied proposals that your welfare is a priority and you will feel unique, complete and full health.

In Essència you find a trusted environment to hear and understand the feelings of your body, you will find tools that allow you relax the mind and techniques that will lead you to overcome fears that limit you.
Organize small workshops and meetings to share experiences and introduce you to some behaviors to improve your relationships. We also go into practice the art of parenting to make our home a harmonious space and conseguiruna empathetic and fluid communication between family members.

Do you dare to enjoy life with us?

We care for your wellbeing in your own language EN/FRA/GER

At ESSÈNCIA we care for your wellbeing in your own LANGUAGE

The liason between our feelings and words is our mother tounge . We offer activities and therapeutic sessions with profesionals who can understand you without your brain having to translate what your heart wants to express.
Yoga and Meditation
Psychology and Psychotherapy
Coaching and Communication
Creativity and Art Therapy
Emotional support during pregnancy, birth and upbringing
“We are all able to listen to our bodies, learn to seek our wellbeing and overpass dicult emotions or rough experiences. The process is richer and easier when walking the path hand in hand with a facilitator in a welcoming and adequate climate”
Caroline Copestake

In ESSÈNCIA kümmern wir uns um dein Wohlfühlen in deiner SPRACHE

Die Muttersprache ist die wirkliche Verbindung, die es erlabut, unsere Gefühle in Worte ausdrücken. Wir bieten Aktivit äten und therapeutische Sitzungen mit Fachleuten an, die dich verstehen, ohne dass dein
Kopf erst übersetzen muss was dein Herz ausdrücken möchte.
Yoga und Meditation
Psychologie und Psychotherapie
Coaching und Kommunikation
Kreativitt und Kunsttherapie
Schwangerschaftsbegleitung, Geburt und Stillzeit
“Mache dich frei von beengenden Verhaltensmustern oder Ängsten und nde zurück zu deinem Potenzial. “

Claudia Köster


Le lien réel qui traduit nos sentiments en mots est la langue maternelle
Nous vous offrons des activité activités et attention thérapeutique sans que vous n’ayez à traduire ce que votre coeur souhaite exprimer.
Yoga et Méditation
Psicologie et Psychothérapie
Coaching et Communication
Créativité et Arthérapie
Accompagnement prénatal, accouchement et éducation
“Prendre conscience de qui nous sommes profondément nous permet de transformer nos blocages et peurs en vitalité et liberté”

Aude Le Meur Plancke


Experiential workshop to practice the process, in pairs both as a guide and as a guide

Open to all the people who have made Levels 1 and 2 of Initiation to Focusing and also those who want to experience the process being accompanied in the group.

• Review of the six steps and recognition of the difficulties that arise in each step.
• Resolution of doubts.
• Self-assessment of the necessary competencies to accompany an approach.
• Vision and observation of modeling where the teacher will guide some process of focusing

6 hours will be certified that compute for the Focusing Diploma.



Carlos Velasco

“Es mucho más importante que te conozcas a ti mismo que darte a conocer a los demás”, Séneca

What is it?
TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY and the clinical practice that includes this work is a therapeutic approach pointed to human being hability for reaching optimum levels of wellness and psychological health, emphasizing the changes in states of consciousness, further than the boundaries of ego and personality.
How it helps us?
It is about connecting the psychological with the spiritual, in the search of self-fulfillment and self-transcendence of the man. The word transpersonal means “beyond” or “through” the personal, and it is referred to experiences, processes and events that transcends our limited and usual sensation of identity and enable us to experience a major reality and more meaningful. (Daniels, 2008: 29)
Who is directed to?
To those people who want to transcend the sense of themselves to get to identify with a major consciousness.