Cosmic Intelligence and energy therapies

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Cosmic intelligence puts us in tune with our original essence
(Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé)

To achieve this result, we must guide our mind towards languages ​​thought that, in its origins, was spiritual. In the past, transmission was oral, then written it again and now, in the age of Aquarius, the transmission will be in addition to vibratory way. To reconnect with our essence and cosmic laws, we have to use our intellectual thought to be born a free spiritual thought of all dogmatism.

Bernard Grangeteau Ducongé is a man who was born and raised in contact with nature, in a family of peasants. From a very young age he realized his special sensitivity and his abilities of perception and healing that he could experience on multiple occasions. He received teachings from guides and teachers of different philosophies: Buddhist, Hindu, shamanic …
A whole journey that led him to frequent distant lands and allowed him develop a mapping of the spiritual world that has been transmitting for years in France, Switzerland, Polynesia and now also in Barcelona. His teaching leads us to rediscover our own spiritual body and offers a language that allows us to live better and in a much healthier way.
To take care of our health we have to learn to love, to attend to our body with full consciousness. it is imperative to find the balance and energy of life.


Work, shopping, our whole day is spiritual. We just have to rediscover our hidden status SER.