The Bates Method is a holistic discipline that enables vision to be improved by a change of consciousness of the use of the eyes, recovering the natural way they have to function

Dr. Bates found that wearing corrective lenses causes the eyes to lose their ability to do what is right for viewing: relax, move, and balance central vision with periphery. He demonstrated that it is possible to recover these functions with a simple method available to all. The presbyopia or tired sight appears “almost” from one day to another and we find it difficult to fit its symptoms. If you notice that you start to see blur when you read the small letters, the messages of the mobile or in the computer. If you wear glasses for tired sight and your graduation is increasing. If your view from afar is not what it was. If you do not want to accept the “belief” that from 45 you will have to wear glasses and you would like to have another alternative.

These sessions offer you:

  • Improve your focus flexibility and learn tools that allow to recover the sharpness
  • Get rid of headaches, tensions and tiredness and stinging of the eyes
  • Improve balance and integration of two eyes-3D perception
  • Enjoy the sunlight and realize the benefits it brings both in sight and the rest of the body
  • To reduce or eliminate the use of prescription glasses

Recommended mainly to people with presbyopia, even if they have other visual problems (myopia, hypermetropia, strabismus, astigmatism, vagus eye, etc.)