Learning to breath

When we prepare a new workshop to discover how we breathe and allow reconnect with the natural and healthy mechanis, we wonder sometimes if we are repeating. The answer comes immediately: what we are doing is to deepen in learning, emphasizing the experience to register a path in our body health. Actually we are persevering because is it not an act of perseverance every time we take air? What would happen to us if we stopped this practice?

Carlos Velasco, creator of Psychotherapy Respiratory method is a born researcher, with a long journey that makes him an authority on the subject and we are welcome tolears us his knowledge.

Some testimonials from attendees:

-With Sense Of Humor Carlos transmits his desire to breathe and makes us see the need to do it properly.

-Emphasize him his energy and sense of life.

-I find that I can get what I want, it is not impossible and that I only need is a little dedication.

-The workshop gave me a sense of emotion and peace.

-The depth of the work has caused me admiration.

Thank you Carlos for coming to Essència when you’re in Barcelona. We feel privileged. From here we will continue with the proposals from October but in the meantime, do not forget to enjoy  breathing in a long and deep way.

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