The physical and emotional benefits of laughter

Laughter is an innate physical action that we acquired since very little ones. Is innate since no one to teach you how to laugh or you indicate you have to do and how you have to produce the sounds we emit while laughing. Babies begin to experiment with a smile and then with laughter, realize that by making the reflection smile or laughter establish a relationship with him around. Communicate and answered.

And because I tell you all this? Because laughter is an action that everyone without distinctions can do. The difficulty is that adults will wane this ability or at least will reduce the situations in which we express libero because I do not release me feel vulnerable can mean “The adult mind speaks more than a child, since the child is spontaneous, vital, genuine and not the doing or not doing is questioned, is and does or does not do, whereas the adult before doing or not doing, and sometimes we think far too much and disconnect us from feeling.


In the workshops I propose, LAUGHING AND HEALTH focus as main objective to connect with the body and feeling, thinking, giving rise to the right brain, the intuitive, creative, spontaneous appears and relaxing the left hemisphere intellectual, reflective, who judges … connecting with our body and releasing

We seek internal intrinsic laugh, an experience, not a thought!

The psycho-emotional conflicts and block our physical body to release tension and release must be oxygenated, so we work with breathing and especially with the game, a game full of dancing and physical movement. Ask an adult to play is reconnect it again-and thus make “* reset” When you get involved with the games without judgment or to others or yourself, you become free. And this is what is healthy.

Laugh, other than give us a lot of physical benefits as it is an “aerobic” activity gives us a feeling of openness and fullness that allows us to experience things from a perspective of positivism. No mean you have to laugh forever and not see that there are painful or sad things, but serves as a mechanism Reconnexion with the same

Physically, laughter hiperventilamos the body, the more air into the lungs and the blood is oxygenated. Occur changes in muscle tone, first the muscle groups are activated and then they enter a period of relaxation.

It can even help regulate blood pressure and exercise. Produces an intense visceral massage that increases the irrigation. Increases gastric secretions and saliva to the mouth, this improves the digestive process. In addition, we have studied the benefits of laughter as an analgesic since soothes the pain, reduces tension and stress and increases the production of endorphins.

Workshops with children work otherwise. There are so many prejudices come into play much more easily. With them the game is more used as observation technique as a liberating tool. From the game we can observe different behaviors and knowing you’re watching what emotional conflicts can start having. The game is a very good tool to work the emotions


In essence we have a project called Growing and Knowing. This is a children’s room for children from 5-12 years when the emotional education is from four different perspectives: yoga, artistic expression, focusing (which is a technique where the body is scanned and internal sensations are heard ) and games and laughter is the activity that I lead. With these four perspectives, common goals, work self identity, self-esteem, emotional management, listening and communication.

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