Teach with art

“Teach with art”
for Peter Wanzenried, 2004

Teaching with art
put in the foreground:
telling, exposing, creating
involved in the task
present, with credibility, which I consider important

Teaching with art
put in last flat:
observing, accompanying and stimulating
with due respect to the people.
With care and understanding discrete,
of what happens

Teaching with art
put in circle:
sharing, participating, receiving
with recognition of the group.
Liberating, protecting lived,
What has happened to us

Teaching with art
get out of the circle
with determination, defiance, controlling giving importance to the task.
Friendly, in confidence, demand,
to what must be achieved.

Teaching with art
in balance:
with intention, sensing, harmonizing giving its meaning to the objective to propose, plan carefully what is going to get on stage.

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