I AM PREGNANT! Accompanying life

In Essència we love to walk with you creating spaces to accompany you from the first moment when a new life is brewing

Yoga yoga pregnancy and delivery post
To prepare and recover the body while we strengthen the bond with the baby.

Baby massage workshop
A baby massage means for a moment of intimacy and connection

Sharing new motherhood
We talk about their own needs and how to strike a balance that will allow us, from a pure love, relate to our children.

The art of parenting
An area of ​​care for caregivers. Learning and sharing parenting

Enjoyed family
Various activities that serve to explore feelings and emotions in a familiar and collective space at a time.

Grow and Meet
Our kids grow, discover and relate

Young Yoga
Yoga for teens helps uncover naturally everyone who is appearing again and teaches high energy stream channel in circulation

Consult timetables and activities and encourage to share your time!

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