Open Doors Day

To celebrate the arrival of the 2014 and you will have first hand knowledge of our new activities, we invite you to come to test in our OPEN DAY.

As always, our activities are raised split conquer the own body. This container that carries us and we do not always receives the treatment it deserves. Sometimes, suddenly, warns us about something that does not just operate and are activated alarms and the emergency department.

Don’t you think that perhaps it may avoid some of these scares? That is why we want to offer proposals to develop observation, attention, and demand the respect necessary to enjoy a good health:

Friday January 17th


System of Energy Centers 

‘Connects with your body and with the joy of living to reach your essence” 

The basic principle of this system is that the movement accompanied by expression is beneficial for health. 

Friday , 17th. From 18h to 20h by JOANNAGARCIA PALMA 

Friday January 24th


Did you know that many bodily pains are not more that forms that has the body to warn us that we’re not doing anything? What did you know that often, what we do not do well enough is how we feed ourselves and as we move the body? 

Course to learn about and listen to your body and manage your pain 

Friday, 24th. From 18:30h to 20h by ANNA MASDEVALL

Friday January 31th


Consciousness through Movement (ATM) 

Helps to improve the movement, posture, flexibility. Helps resolve the origins of the headaches and to treat different pathologies 

Friday, 31th.From 18:30h to 19:30h by NATI ROCAMORA

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