By Montserrat Farràs

As says the Psychologist Anne Wilson Shaeft the first and most important is the relationship we have with ourselves, we live with our own privacy, with the deepest part of our being. If it flows, it makes sense and is alive all all that comes later, so will be

If the meaning of life can not be understood but is living it turns out that the most important thing for a human being is to follow a process of personal evolution that leads him to build, every day more solidly, the spiritual bond that will keep you connected its depth and that will make all other relationships are merely a way to reinforce him.

We think that happiness lies in the harmony of the couple and all the things around us and this is true but the focus is often incorrect because the look is not going to be in but in reverse. It is not the environment or what happens outside what makes our life is harmonious. Our life will be more or less harmonious as how we relate to ourselves, that is, depending on how we live our spirituality.

Make it clear that when we speak of spirituality do not talk about religion. Religiosity is living spirituality follow certain traditions and certain dogmas. The spirituality to which we refer is the fact freely live the feeling of being, take a deep awareness and feed. When this is clear, change all positions and evidently also the order and priority in relationships.

Putting the experience of spirituality in the first place does not mean ceasing to be responsible and stop being involved with the family or people. Quite the contrary. Life is relationship therefore all relationships that have appeared throughout life are seen as a gift, an opportunity to deepen this process is to live, even those that do not seem very satisfactory and we have produced pain .

The primary relationship with our Higher Power requires intimacy and this implies honesty, respect and honor for us. When our primary relationship is rooted in our spirituality and live here, we do not allow our relationships or family dictate our lives but become opportunities to participate.

Currently most relationships are aimed at filling that existential emptiness that I mean that we start from the verb “need”. This need puts us in a constant state of expectation and spend another responsibility for your satisfaction.

The relationships above all should be construides from verbs accompany, sharing, joint participation in the process of maturing and enjoy the adventure.

Some guidelines that promote good relations

  • The more focused we are on us, the better the relationships but this does not mean at all self-centered.
  • Good relationships honestly ask both with regard to our needs and so we are willing to give or share. Being honest involves responsibility for our behavior and allow others to be responsible for his.
  • If we understand the relationship as a process to live and evolve we must respect the time of others and their state of receptivity if necessary. No we can use to throw that bothers us or point out as the reason for our discomfort.
  • We have to remember regularly exist independently of the others and that each follows its own path. what
  • We can not control love. Love is a gift that comes to us and no one is obligated to give it to us.
  • If we respect our feelings and our process know to respect the feelings and the process of others.
  • No need to work the relationship because it would mean control. What we have to do is focus on our own work and the relationship will find its place.
  • A living relationship we can not treat mechanically. When we realize that we are not present, we did not feel in the body, it is absurd to continue a conversation. If we notice that the other passes the same situation is the same. Month leave it for a time when everyone is receptive.
  • No melodramatic scene is positive. It is better to give a break to process what is happening before answering or making decisions.

Relationships are processes. They have their own pace and eventually progress to where it belongs.

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