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“All the resources we need are in our mind”, T. Roosevelt.

What it consists of?
Hatta yoga: It is the most physical yoga. Through its postures it exerts a beneficial influence above all the body.
Kundalini Yoga: It combines breathing exercises, movement, stretching and sounds.

Yoga for pregnants: It is an accessible approach and adapted to particular needs. The postures are supported by accessories.

Postnatal Yoga with babies: It favors the recovery of musculature in general and the pelvic floor in particular. We spend time enjoying the contact with the baby with caresses and massages thus strengthening the affective bonds.

Family Yoga:An encouraging proposal to share experiences. The children discover new feelings and the parents explore their own emotions and their childs’ doing the exersise the family in whole.

Yoga for kids and teenagers: It helps them to discover in a natural way the new things that are showing up and the ones that are to come, as in a physical and mental level, and it teaches them to channel their energy.