Relaxing techniques

Reduce anxiety and manage esstrés

A SPACE to STOP, learn to relax, connect with your body and emotions, awaken the senses and discover the power of NOW

Anxiety is an unconscious emotional state that makes us feel worried or anxious at some situations that we feel we can not control. It is a constant feeling in the daily life of the person who prevent us from fully enjoying the moment

That is why it is important to learn to reduce anxiety. Relaxation exercises help us release body and mind and enjoy, in general, most of our day

• People with motivations of personal growth
• People with anxiety
• People with existential crises
• People suffering from agoraphobia, panic attacks,
generalized anxiety, phobias …
• People with difficulty speaking in public (shyness, shame).
• People suffering from insomnia
• Students with concentration difficulties
• People with depression, deadening, apathy
• People with eating disorders

Body awareness
Breath Types
Body exercises preparing for a few breaths
Practice breathing more easily locatable (diaphragmatic breathing)
Deep relaxation techniques and visualizations
Classical techniques (progressive relaxation of Jacobson, Schultz autogenous relaxation)

It will work in small groups to an adequate and personalized attention. .