Feldenkrais by Nati RocaMora


“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy to be nice and harmonious” M. Feldenkrais

What is it?
The Feldenkrais method is an educational system focused on the evolution process of our motion and on the body consciousness learning.
How it helps us?
It helps to figure out the origin of pain and treating arthrosis, back ache, etc. It improves motion, posture and flexibility as well. In that sense, the method also expands our self-conscience and our own image, and it helps on the recovery of neurological problems.

What it consists of?
In that activity we use the individual movement, of each person, in a collection of linked movements called ATM, so that the student in a fun way discovers by himself and in his own body the most easy, pleasant, and organic way to move and the relation between that learning and a vital attitude, getting new neurological connections and new patterns of motion.

Who is directed to?
To those people who want to improve their posture and solve arthrosis and back ache problems, and so on.