Carlos Velasco

“Es mucho más importante que te conozcas a ti mismo que darte a conocer a los demás”, Séneca

What is it?
TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY and the clinical practice that includes this work is a therapeutic approach pointed to human being hability for reaching optimum levels of wellness and psychological health, emphasizing the changes in states of consciousness, further than the boundaries of ego and personality.
How it helps us?
It is about connecting the psychological with the spiritual, in the search of self-fulfillment and self-transcendence of the man. The word transpersonal means “beyond” or “through” the personal, and it is referred to experiences, processes and events that transcends our limited and usual sensation of identity and enable us to experience a major reality and more meaningful. (Daniels, 2008: 29)
Who is directed to?
To those people who want to transcend the sense of themselves to get to identify with a major consciousness.