The training in the practice of mindfulness, is aimed at re-educating the mind and emotions to perceive and cope in everyday life in a creative and fully.
Mindfulness practice develops a high level of awareness, allowing exit “autopilot” and fully live the present to provide answers and make the necessary changes more consciously and effectively, getting:

1. Addressing the challenges of everyday life in a conscious, creative and innovative way.
2. Increase the ability to “be present” and thus increase personal and professional effectiveness.
3. Know the mental models and expand the ability to communicate with others
4. Balancing and sustained mental focus in environments of uncertainty and complexity.

Mindfulness essential skills that improve with this training

1. Focus on what’s important. The mindfulness develops the necessary mental clarity that allows us to eliminate the superfluous, and to focus on what really matters.
2. Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence and stress management are developed through mindfulness through systematic training of our brain to be more aware of our emotions
3. Strategic Vision. lift our eyes to have more vision and perspective, and be able to anticipate and generate a greater vision
4. Flexibility to change. called cognitive flexibility, which means being flexible to the changing reality, dealing with uncertainty, and not clinging to “ways of doing” that we may be limited.
5. Creativity and innovation. It is impossible to be innovative with a mind full of noise. By the time we practice mindfulness, the mind is calm it is when we can “see” letting the new, and being innovative


Meditation Sit and perform every day. Meditation is to be fully alert and aware at all what we are and experience. It is fundamentally “observe” and “witness without judgment.

Mindfulness pills, brief practice to use when necessary, as a “lifeline” that grab at certain times

Mindfulness in everyday life. Perform activities that normally take place, but in a rather special and different way, through the experience of the present moment.

Formal practice. Stop a few minutes each day and follow the guidelines we marking for each week


The training session consists of 9 Mindfulness

Introductory Session: Workshop. 2 hours. In the introductory session the concept of Mindfulness, its origin, practice and objectives are introduced. Relaxation exercises (body-mind relationship)
8 sessions of 90 minutes spread over two months is the minimum time needed to consolidate learning, create a habit and internalize “mindfulness” as an approach to daily tasks,
Up period of two sessions (1 session of 90 minutes every 15 days)