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What is the meaning of self-knowledge ? Knowledge that would mean the same .

Do we know ourselves? Which do not? What we see when we look ?

From which arise the emotions ? Where those feelings that occur without warning hide ? Everything is within us? And if it is inside of me , because I do not know ?


When I look in the mirror and I see I look at my physical characteristics in detail and I know the size of pants and shoe .

Because then when we talk about feelings and emotions do not know details? We say stuff like that … I do not know what … I do not know why I’m so … It really did not look in the mirror or do not know how?

I’d rather look at each other without fear or judgments to see clearly all that we live in, some are nice and others will not like us much , but discover rabies discover tenderness.

Let us express and be able to accept what shows us the same look .


The eyes are our window, if left open , we will have to do a lot more thing, the air will run alone.


Montserrat Farràs

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