Release the string

Tshunulama was a girl who felt his enslaved by a love heart. And as his eyes shed tears, and even though his mind told him he had to drop and the birth of true independence, her heart did not know how to get out of the torturer attachment suffering. Night after night, just experiencing an obsessive memory of that man before he was ignored and humiliated.
Tshunulama had become a slave of memory, clinging to a rope from his memory, he could not release his clutching hand. Drop … Just thinking about the terrifying fear overcame her.
But one day he dreamed of an old man with deep eyes and familiar look and knew that he said:
Enough Fear not, loose the rope that ties your life and enslave your soul.
No can’t- Tshunulama said, seeing herself hanging from that rope. I’m afraid, would fall, I feel that I would die … is beyond me.
No so she answered him. Since your heart is slave, you have ceased to live your own life. You are able to drop. When you do, you know deep down you feel a deep joy and peace you deserve.
Tshunulama felt he could see clearly their fears:
– “Do I really want freedom and autonomy to risk what so dear? How I can be sure? What do I really want out of life? Why was I born? “. Unwittingly widened his mind … Slowly, he began to feel their fingers loose and began to allow some deep loosen his clutching hand, feeling a breeze of peace.
Trusting your intuition, he loosened the last finger and suddenly noticed that nothing happened. It found that stayed exactly where it was, and then realized, shocked, that had been all the time on the ground. Their fears had existed only in his mind … I could get out, open doors and windows and breathe the life force within. The whole universe was reborn in the smiling face of a new Tshunulama.

Tales from the book to learn how to learn, Jose Maria Doria (Gaia Ediciones).

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