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The course began and quickly we realized that, in spite of all efforts and good intentions of the holiday period, the everyday is imposed uncomfortable authority.

What can we do to better manage this frenzy of activities, concerns and stress?
What they do not directly depend on us but becomes more complicated if we try to sort priorities, balancing needs and reser var a little time to listen, everything becomes more comfortable and discovered a day full of little moments to enjoy the day.

In Essència we committed to the wellbeing of people in all environments but pay special attention to family. For this moti vo insist and continue to insist on proposing activities, workshops and dynamics that promote good communication, empathy, respect and trust in order to build the family as a safe and secure space.

We continue with the project
GROW AND KNOW,ART THERAPY, KUNG FU incorporate lessons for children between 6 and 9 years, we have weekly yoga classes and offer FAMILY REVITALIZATION andANIMATIONschool or family gatherings. All this from a playful perspective and emotionally healthy.

If you like the idea and partake of our approaches and ways we invite you to attend the dia2 20H October at the presentation of the new course, program and schedule
(If you come with kids let a room where a film will project the duration of our meeting)

It will be a pleasure to have you and enjoy the company of your children. We also invite you to spread this information if you have constipation conoc of other families who might be interested.

Let family a safe and secure space !!

Un año más Essència i Divulgació estaremos presentes en la ‘III Fira de Nadal’ de Sant Just Desvern que se celebrará el fin de semana del  30 de Noviembre y el 1 de Diciembre, este año además de la tarima central, contará con diferentes carpas en la que poder encontrar las actividades y comercios locales, entre ellas la nuestra.

Para animar esta magnífica fiesta aún más, contaremos con dos horas el Domingo  en la que realizaremos diferentes actividades en la Tarima Central de la Fira destinadas a los niños y a sus padres.

Domingo de 11,30h a 13,30h


11,30h a 12h. YOGA EN FAMILIA con Sheila Kaur

12h a 12,3oh CREATIVIDAD TERAPEUTICA con Aude Lemeur

12,30h a 13h ARMARIO DE EMOCIONES con Caroline Copestake

13h a 13,30h JUEGOS I RISAS con Neus Garrofé

Asimismo os esperamos en las actividades que realizaremos en la Carpa de Essència el sábado y domingo.