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In response to the DOULA REPORT General Nursing Council On Monday February 16

I’m Doula, ACCOMPANIED the families decide what THEM. I love what I do and it is a privilege to accompany families emotionally at this important moment … .Ojalá had known before the existence of doulas!

 What is a doula?
We are women, mostly mothers, who accompany other women on their way to motherhood. Our fundamental task is to provide emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.
Although doulas do not yet have an academic background regulated, we do have specific training that covers basic knowledge on physiology of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum …
Doulas arise, along with other support groups to regain the support network for women, to recover the reality of motherhood as a life crisis in the life of a woman, and reclaim the space and proper position.

From the full and absolute respect the wishes and choices made by the family …
… Accompanied during pregnancy, birth planning and preparations. Enhance be aware of the changes taking place, listen to questions and concerns of the mother and family.
… Accompany the requirements and needs of parents at the time of delivery.
… Accompanied in the postpartum with respect and empathy, infancy, reorganization household and parenting.

January 2011 – Clara
Dear Caroline: There have been many times I’ve thought of you after the birth of Sofia. And I always come to the same conclusion. Without you I would not have succeeded. You will make nine months. And it was much more. Your work was impeccable. You know at all times what I wanted you anticipated every need. You were an ally in the fight against my ego, myself, against my fears. Did not let me down, but let me win. Your presence was reassuring. The experience has inspired. It has changed my life. I can never express in words the gratitude I have for you. Thank You.
October 2011 – Virginia
I wanted to thank Caroline for the support she received from my husband and I in one of the most important moments of our lives. It helped us move from fear and uncertainty to confidence, especially in ourselves,
August 2012 – Melissa
Fromthefirstphoneconversationwehad I justknewshewastherightsupport I waslookingfor. And I wasright – she has helped me navigatethe sea of ​​emotional and physicalchangesthatoccurredduringpregnancy. There are notenoughwordstoexpressmylevel of gratitudetothesupport and confidence Caroline provided me. I hadanamazingbirthexperienceeventhoughitwas a C section.
January 2015 – Freddy Vane
Hello we are Vanessa and Freddy. Months ago we decided to hire a doula and Caroline as experience has been and is being great. We told you that: We return back, we are in the 26th week of pregnancy. So far we are going to classes antepartum where we receive concrete information on pregnancy and lactation, but little or no emotional level. Emotional And we do not mean only the famous postpartum depression if not how to manage our new family. One day we attended a talk by Caroline on its role as a doula and 10 minutes we knew we were going to hire. Suddenly we find answers to questions like How am I going to tell my mother and my mother’s mother now am I? (Something that oddly uneasy all pregnant women in that room) or What is my role as a father in a home? These responses were realistic, emotionally specific and based on years of experience.
Now, just one month ago was born our first and precious daughter, Vega. During this time our lives have changed a lot but thanks to the support of Caroline are directing as we want and above all are enjoying our daughter.

In Doula MakestheDifference by Nugent, published in Mothering Magazine, March-April1998 – Scientific studies have shown that emotional support provided by the doula, translates into results on the development of important labor as:

During labor and birth:
reduction of cesarean rate by 50%.
reducing the duration of labor by 25%.
reduction in epidural requests 60%.
30% reduction in use of analgesia.
40% reduction in the use of forceps.

During the post-partum women who had the support of a doula six weeks after childbirth:
showed less anxiety and postpartum depression.
showed more confidence with your baby.
greater satisfaction (71% of cases compared with 30% of the cases studied did not have the presence of a doula).
greater probability of successful feeding (52% vs. 29%).

Dr. Michel Odent, French obstetrician world renowned for his work respected attend home births (approximately 10,000 to his professional life) and to introduce for the first time swimming in a hospital (in the doula Liliana Lammers)
Rosa Jove.