Tag: Interpretación de los sueños

By Claudia Koster

About 55 years ago that neuroscience became interested in dreams. Phase, now known as REM (rapid eye movement) phase but also discovered another phase of sleep called NO REM phase was found. It was thought that only dreaming during REM sleep, but not so although the two phases are very different and emotional state that feels both also, as a result, the dream has different connotations as dream in either phase.

The research showed that it is very important to dream for a rest and science learned that dreams are closely related to our current concerns. It follows therefore that dreams help in learning psycho.

Why do we dream?
According science is important dream, the brain works and processes everything that we live during the day. One scientist said that if we had nightmares the world would be much worse. The emotions live very close to the surface and feel the suffering. Some problems or inspirations come to us at night through dreams.

Recognize the content of dreams is not easy but if we understand their symbolic language have a powerful tool in our hands. The experience of many years reading the own dreams and those of others have shown me the meaning they can have.
Dreams show our emotions and feelings that sometimes are hidden from our consciousness. Are usually related to something that we in the present and what we feel is often related to our childhood, the environment in which we grew up and as we treated our parents or people close to us.

It is important to know the current situation of the dreamer to get an accurate sense of the dream.
If in a dream I see a lush forest plants, flowers, horses grazing, rivers with crystalline water, fruit ripening, also flourishes our lives.
But if instead I see rotting, dead flowers, dry fields, malnourished horses, rivers without water, you have to change something in our lives.

As interpreted a dream?
But that interpretation is to read and understand the dream images. It’s a job that requires getting into sleep. It is essential to ask the person in that situation is to get an accurate reading. Also your sentiment sleep is important, or colors. When more is understood the most symbolic part will be easier.

A woman is in her car driving to work. It goes pretty fast on the highway. When you want to slow the car does not react. She is very anxious to sleep.
The car is driving our lives. She probably wants to cover too much, work too quickly and this makes him lose control in your life.

A bird in the cage where the door is open, but not out.
This person is so used to your routine and their limitations when presented with an opportunity to leave, or not see it or afraid.

The details are very important to get more in the situation of soñador.Las person we choose our dreams reflect something. Women represent, as we see, feel or intuit things. The men, represent the action, decision and how we can make our ideas or plans in life.

Why have nightmares?
The brain sends us nightmares for attention. Here is something that is important to see. It usually has to do with our hidden or not so hidden fears.
Some people dream for years with the same nightmare. Once recognized the significance, the nightmare disappears.

What can you do when the person does not remember the dream?
Vitamin B helps. Remember before turning off the light that morning to remember the dream and try not to move on waking. Sometimes a minimum of movement banishes sleep. Have a pen and paper ready in the nightstand.

Los mensajes que nos llegan en sueños, son simbólicos, pero son una herramienta para poder evitar bloqueos, reconocer sentimientos, pensamientos y ampliar nuestra conciencia, así como solucionar nuestros problemas.

Los Sueños son mensajes espirituales. Nos avisan de nuestras contradicciones entre los sentimientos y pensamientos, que nos bloquean y condicionan nuestra calidad de vida.


Los sueños nos ponen el espejo delante, donde reconocernos mejor, ampliar nuestra conciencia, son indicaciones sobre nuestra vida interior


El sueño habla en símbolos e imágenes que ayudan a liberarnos de conceptos y comportamientos negativos, que impiden vivir una vida plena. Siempre se trata de temas importantes de la vida como:

– Amor, libertad, autorealización, familia, sexualidad muerte. Nos señalan qué nos preocupa y qué nos impide ser feliz, así  cómo solucionar nuestros problemas. Nos pone el espejo delante para reconocernos mejor y ampliar nuestra conciencia.

– Personas, anímales y objetos nos indican siempre algo sobre nuestro vida interior.

Así si trabajamos los sueños reduce nuestro estrés, nos hace la vida mas fácil. Aumenta la inteligencia y hace crecer nuestra autoestima.

Los problemas se solucionan más creativamente. La comprensión aumenta a medida que entendemos nuestros sueños. Resultando, una herramienta muy poderosa y útil para crecer como personas.

¿Empezamos a interpretarlos juntos?