Yoga Techniques

By David Ayllon

Yoga Techniques have a system of self-knowledge that starts with the physical body, unblocking and giving us the opportunity to be aware of our posture, breathing and thoughts.

The practical classes, not coincidentally, tools used thousands of years that remain useful and try to create new habits from a magical base, which is the “stop watch”, staying in the present moment and observing the limitations and difficulties makes they appear without wanting to change anything, just putting conscience, and so, indirectly, they are undoing stresses and physical energy blockages.

This leads us to the final relaxation, where the session is integrated, and experience inner peace and intimate contact with, closer to our essence more authentic Self, which is beyond our personality where we arrived without adding anything, just letting drop all that excess, something to which we can go whenever we want and from there we are free to start adding weight to your backpack or not.

Some people come to the belief that yoga is not for them because they have difficulty moving, inflexibility, or difficulty concentrating, and truth is not about getting anywhere, not even do well, the most important is the attitude only realize the thoughts that are coming despite this redirect your mind when you’re doing in the present moment accompanied by instructions of the teacher is an awakening, this is the first we learn, can be applied to all aspects of life and constant practice be installing slowly, just as we observe the body and breath, learn to observe the mind as a tool of thinking, a little crazy, and question the valid thoughts that are not it is a whole way where you can stay only with the physical and mental benefits or drill down anywhere.

Just this invitation to live a balanced internal addition to the external world and learn to listen to messages that constantly gives us our body, we have the opportunity to choose the answer that we give to stimuli and may use tools to calm emotions, such as breathing or mantras and different cleaning or kriyas that help energy flow more easily to our body.

The word Yoga means union and all its techniques are aimed at carrying out the Sanatana Dharma or eternal duty of every human being, which is to know yourself, to find peace and mental silence necessary because they can produce meditation which is the state of Yoga, conscious union with the life that we are.

We all know states in which we are fully in peace and harmony with what we are, which usually depend on external elements such good news, being in nature, feel estimated, etc. these feelings are always internal and yoga gives us the opportunity to keep growing in these states regardless of may.

The first step is to realize that your welfare depends only on you because things are what they are, accept them or not, is a question that helps me in low moments …
Which prevents me from being completely happy right now? … To change the vision you start to attract positive things.

Yoga there is only one, all the words that precede (hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, etc) are the different ways or tools used to achieve the same end.

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